Taxpayers can follow a few simple steps to protect their personal and financial data online and at home.
Criminals continue to steal large amounts of personal data from taxpayers and tax preparers. Thieves use that data to file fraudulent tax returns or commit other crimes while impersonating the victims.

All taxpayers should follow these steps to protect themselves and their data:

Keep a Secure Computer

Avoid Phishing and Malware

Protect Personal Information

People should also remember to watch out for IRS Impersonators. The IRS will not call someone with threats of jail or lawsuits. The IRS will not send an unsolicited email suggesting someone has a refund or that they need to update their account, the IRS will not request any sensitive information online. These are all scams.

Taxpayers should forward IRS-related scam emails to They can report IRS-impersonation telephone calls at

Source: IRS Tax Tips